Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Please read the fallowing policy (Privacy Policy) carefully to learn about our website’s privacy practices. We take your privacy very seriously, and work hard to ensure the security of the personal information you provide to us. And to do your part in securing your personal information read the following before using this website.

By using this website (or applications that may or may not be created in the future), you consent to the collection and use of your personal information. If you don’t agree with the privacy policy or the terms of use do not use this website (or applications that may or may not be created in the future).

We receive and store any information you provide us through this website. These informations may include personal informations that can identify you. First name, last name, phone number, physical address, email address and any other information you choose to provide can be count among these informations.

We may also automatically collect some information about your computer and your internet activities when you visit or use our website (or applications that may or may not be created in the future). These informations may include informations such as your IP address, your device identifiers, the type of operating system you use, the type of browser you use, your location, your internet provider, pages viewed or visited on this website.

We use these informations about you to provide you with the services and products you need, request. We use these informations about you to respond to your comments and opinions. We use said informations to customize your experience or provide you with informations that you may be interested in.

We may share information provided by you with our service providers who need these informations to provide services to you. We may share your reviews that we received from you to companies that are subject of these reviews. We may share your first name, last name or both of your names at the same time when you comment on some service provider. We may also share your email address to said service provider. We may disclose your information if we believe your usage of this website doesn’t consist with our terms of use. We may have to disclose your informations to government authorities, law enforcement authorities by law in event of legal disputes, court orders, requests by government.

We may share your information with other types of companies for many different reasons. How or why we disclose or share these informations to other companies depends on the nature of our relationships with said companies. Of course, we do everything in our power to make sure said companies do not share your information with other parties. Said companies may be service providers, advertisers, analytic companies. And the information might be shared with these companies may be your IP addresses, cookies, mobile device ID, your name, your last name, your email addresses.