About Byrne Dairy

Byrne Dairy

Byrne Dairy is 326 West Manlius Street, East Syracuse, NY 13057 address.

You can contact us by 315-437-5278 phone number , email address or website.

To learn more about Byrne Dairy you can visit web address

Byrne Dairy is a fourth generation, family-owned producer and distributor of the freshest & highest quality dairy products. Based in Central NY, with its abundant supply of top-of-the-line milk, Byrne Dairy works with local family farms to give our customers nationwide the best dairy products each day.


  • State : New York
  • City : East Syracuse
  • County : Onondaga
  • Route : West Manlius Street
  • Street Number : 326
  • Zip Code : 13057
  • Address : 326 West Manlius Street, East Syracuse, NY 13057, US


  • Phone : 315-437-5278
  • Mail :
  • Website :


Byrne Dairy

Byrne Dairy, logo
East Syracuse, NY
  • 315-437-5278

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