About Us

About Us

This website came to existence from a simple, single idea. Connect customers with local businesses faster, easier, better.

Who are we? As creators and workers of this company, we are normal people. Normal people with in need of better way to experience our cities, towns, neighborhoods. Because we know a very simple, often overlooked fact; to love, laugh and live better you have to experience your surroundings better. Better you experience your surroundings better you will exist in this world. So, we created this website to do just that. Help you experience your surroundings better.

With our website, we look after little people, day to day people and small businesses. In that sense we are a website that dedicated to people. At the end of the day we are a website for the people by the people.

So, with the power of the people we strive to be biggest company/website in our field of work. In just couple mere years, we aim to cover every restaurant, coffee shop, pub, bar, atm, airport, bank, places of worship and any place else in America our users may need. And in the very near future we may even start to cover and catalog whole world.